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Driving License, Abu Dhabi

To get a driving license in Abu Dhabi, you need to know that Abu Dhabi Traffic Department has introduced a new online system for driving license in March 2019. Now they do not accept hard copies. Translation and all your documents and details should be entered online to the traffic department system.

To convert your home driving license (for eligible countries), you need first to do an eye test at one of the approved optician shops like Yateem Optician, Aljaber Optical, or Majestic Optics. You can visit the nearest approved optician shop to you. After eye test, you can visit our office with the original license, original UAE ID, copy of your visa and one personal photo. We will do the translation and upload all the required documents to the traffic department system. You will then receive SMS from traffic to proceed and convert your license.

Index legal translation provides online translation of  Driving License as Index  is an approved provider of service by traffic department in Abu Dhabi, UAE. If you already have a driving license from your home country and your license is not in Arabic, you need to translate your home driving license into Arabic online by a certified translator. Index offers you instant and certified translation services for your driving license. Index legal translation also offers legal translation services for all kinds of driving licenses.You can rely upon index legal translation in any translation required for official use as all our translators are MOJ- certified translators.

  • Having a UAE driving license is needful. If you are new to UAE and you have a driving license from your home country, you can apply to the traffic department in Abu Dhabi to get a UAE license through index legal translation.

We translate driving licenses of all countries. Driving License Translation is mandatory to get a UAE driving license  so you can rely upon Index Legal Translation for all certified translations required by the official departments.

Our service helps you to apply for a UAE driving license as legal translation of all non-Arabic documents is our task. Your home driving license needs to be translated online accurately and free of any errors and we guarantee you accurate and clear translation of all our translation services.

Index legal translation has translated more than 10,000 driving license into Arabic. The most translated driving licenses are from: India, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States of America, Sweden etc.

The Directly transferred licenses countries are:

1- United Kingdom.

2- Italy.

3- France.

4- Belgium.

5- Germany.

6- Switzerland.

7- Denmark.

8- Greece.

9- Spain.

10- Norway.

11- Finland.

12- New Zealand

13- Ireland.

14- Sweden.

15- Romania.

16- – Austria.

17- Poland.

18- Luxemburg.

19- Netherlands (For Netherlands nationals only).

20- Portugal (For Portugal nationals only).

21- Slovakia (For Slovakia nationals only).

22- Latvia (For Latvia nationals only).

23- Serbia (For Serbia nationals only).

24- Lithuania (For Lithuania nationals only).

25- Hungary (For Hungary nationals only).

26- Bulgaria (For Bulgaria nationals only).

27- Iceland (For Iceland nationals only).

28- Albania (For Albania nationals only).

29- Turkey.

30- Singapore.

31- Japan.

32- South Korea.

33- China (For China nationals only).

34- Hong Kong.

35- Australia

36- United States.

37- Canada

38- South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions about Driving License in abu dhabi (FAQs)

“I have a driving license from UK and I want to get Abu Dhabi driving license. Abu Dhabi officials require my driving license to be translated by a legal translator. Where can I find a certified translation in Abu Dhabi Island?

Index Legal Translation has launched its new branch in Hamdan Street. You can approach its office there and get online translation to the traffic department system.

“I have a driving license from South Korea. Can your office translate it into Arabic?

Now we translate all driving licenses online to the traffic department system. You will then receive sms from traffic department to approach traffic and replace your license.

“I have a No- objection letter issued in English to be submitted to the driving school in Abu Dhabi. Should I translate it into Arabic before submitting the application to the driving school?

No NOC is required now for all directly transferred licenses.

What our customers say about our driving license translation services:

“I got my driving license translated into Arabic and  in less than 20 minutes I received sms from traffic department to approach them and replace my license. Thanks Index Legal Translation ”.

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