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Index legal translation Abu Dhabi, the leading translation agency, provides legal translation services for all documents required for official use in UAE. In Abu Dhabi, any certificate or document in any language other than Arabic intended to be submitted to the Immigration, Driving School, Ministry of Labor, Courts or any official department should be translated by a legal translator certified by The UAE Ministry of Justice. Index Legal Translation is a certified legal translation office in Abu Dhabi and our translators are MOJ– certified. In UAE, The translated document shall not be valid for official use unless the translation is performed by a MOJ- certified translator.
Since established in 2003, Index Legal Translation Abu Dhabi, has translated tens of thousands of documents both from and into Arabic. All our translations are highly appreciated by the major companies within UAE and abroad as we maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence.

If you are new to UAE, you should know that Arabic is the official language of UAE and that any certificate or document you submit to any official department should be in Arabic. Legal translation should be performed by a certified translator having the knowledge and expertise to handle such kind of translation. We help you translate all your official documents as our translation is recognized by all authorities within UAE. We also provide certified translation from Arabic to English as our translation is recognized by all embassies within United Arab Emirates. If you want to submit any certificate of statement to any embassy within UAE, you can contract Index Legal Translation in this regard. Our translation is recognized and approved by all courts within UAE so if you need to translate any documents required by court such as any invoices, contracts or statements, you can approach our office and get certified translation. We translate experts’ reports, rejoinders and court rulings. Our legal translators provide top-notch translations tailored to suit your requirements. Our new branch is located in Hamdan Street, Opposite du building in  Hamdan street.

Index legal translation Abu Dhabi is committed to provide the best legal translation services at all times.

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Index has now 5 branches in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai. You can head to the nearest branch to you and obtain the best legal translation service in UAE.

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We perform:
Online Driving License Translation Abu Dhabi of your home driving license as per Abu Dhabi Traffic and Licensing Department regulations. To Know more about how to get driving license in Abu Dhabi, you can check services.

Legal translation for birth certificates required by The General Directorate of Residency& Foreigners Affairs, or by the Embassies within United Arab Emirates.

Legal translation for marriage certificates required by The General Directorate of Residency& Foreigners Affairs, or by the Embassies within United Arab Emirates.

Legal translation for degree certificates required by the Ministry of Labor or any other department.

Legal translation of memorandam of association and articles of association required to incorporate a company within UAE. Existing Companies have to amend their memoranda and articles of association to comply with the UAE New Commercial Companies Law of 2015.

Legal translation of local service agent agreements required to set up a sole proprietorship (owned by a foreign investor) in UAE.

Legal translation of powers of attorney required for notarization before the Notary Public.

No objection letters required by the Ministry of Labor, Traffic Department, or any other company or entity within UAE.

Contracts& Agreements.

Statements of Accounts.


Delivery Notes.

Local Purchase Orders.



Minutes of meetings.

Court Rulings.

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