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What is Notary Public in UAE?

Notary Public in Abu Dhabi / Notary Public in Dubai is a person licensed by the Judicial Department to authenticate certain types of documents and authenticate individual signatures such as signing powers of attorney, undertakings or memorandum of association.

How can I get documents notarized in UAE?

The document to be authenticated before the notary public must be in Arabic. If the document to be notarized is in English, it must be translated into Arabic and stamped by a sworn translator licensed by the Ministry of Justice. We draft the papers required to be notarized by the notary, translate them and obtain the notary’s authentication through the notary’s electronic platform for the following documents:

  1. Powers of Attorney

A- General Power of Attorney.

b- Special Power of Attorney in respect of a commercial license.

C- Power of Attorney for the sale of a vehicle.

D- Power of Attorney for receiving dues.

E- Power of attorney to be given to a person to authenticate documents abroad.

f- Power of attorney from an owner of a company.

g- Power of attorney from a partner in a company.

H- Power of attorney from an authorized agent in a company to a new agent.

I- – Power of attorney to open a branch.

J- Power of attorney from a company to appoint a branch manager.

K- Litigation Power of attorney (a power of attorney for a lawyer).


  1. Signature Authorization: Signature Authorization is a declaration by a person before a notary public that the signature specimen shown in the signature Authorization paper is his signature and accordingly his signature is authenticated. We draft the signature Authorization, and legally translate it and we can get the notary stamp on it. Signature Authorization is required so that individuals can sign before banks and complete all transactions related to a commercial license before all government agencies.


  1. Service Agent Contract: A service agent contract is required to complete the trade license procedures when the owner of the trade license is an expatriate while having a UAE service agent.


  1. Undertakings: We draft undertakings required to be authenticated before the notary public in bilingual format (English/ Arabic). Some individuals wish to authenticate some undertakings regarding the dates of receiving amounts and so on.


  1. Memorandum of Association

A- Memorandum of Association for a sole proprietorship LLC: We draft the Memorandum of Association for a sole proprietorship LLC and translate it into Arabic. All we need is a copy of the trade name and a copy of the owner’s ID. We can also authenticate it through the electronic platform of the notary public.

B- Memorandum of Association for a Limited Liability Company: You can obtain the Memorandum of Association of a Limited Liability Company through our office. All you have to do is to send us a copy of the trade name, copies of IDs of the partners and the percentage of each partner in the capital of the company, as well as in profits and losses.


  1. Declarations: such as declarations related to the monthly income or housing declaration, which is required to be submitted to some embassies, as well as a declaration of no objection, such as a husband’s declaration that he does not object the travel of his wife or the travel of his minor son with his wife, or a declaration of receipt of dues or a declaration of a waiver of a case, as well as some declarations required to complete a marriage such as a No Objection declaration given by a father in respect of the marriage his daughter abroad and authorizing someone to perform the procedures of the marriage of his daughter on his behalf.


  1.  And more: Any other documents required to be authenticated before the notary public.


How long are notarized documents valid for?

Some notarized documents are valid for unlimited time unless it is terminated. Other documents are valid for limited period of time. For example, the Power of attorney is valid up to 3 years in Abu Dhabi and the notary fees are AED 100/ Year.


Index Legal Translation provides drafting, translation and online notarization of documents required to be notarized by the notary public.

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