Power of attorney drafting, translation, and legalization

power of attorney

Power of attorney meaning

Power of attorney is a legal document issued from a principal to allow someone to act on its behalf. It may be a general power of attorney if the authorities given to the attorney are in a wide range of powers. It may be a special power of attorney if the principal gives limited powers for a specific purpose.

General power of attorney

It may be given from a father to his son to act on its behalf if the father is sick and cannot perform his duties by himself. The principal gives the attorney full authorities whether in its personal capacity or in any other capacity whatsoever to sign on its behalf and sell, buy or mortgage any kind of property.

Special power of attorney

It may be given by a company through its owner to an attorney to manage the daily matters of the company and to sign before authorities in regard with obtaining visas, work permits..etc for company employees.

In Abu Dhabi, the principal may authorize the attorney to to act in its place and  behalf to complete and sign all transactions and documents related to a company and to submit and receive the same with all ministries and governmental & non-­governmental, official & semi-official departments, including but not limited to, Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners’ Affairs, Department of Municipal Affairs, Department of Economic Development, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Waste Management, Civil Defense Dept., Emirates Telecommunication Corporation- Etisalat, Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Corporation- DU, Critical Infrastructure & Coastal Protection Authority, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, ADNOC and its affiliates, ADCO, Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties Company, Water & Electricity Authority, Dispute Resolution Committee, Conciliation & Settlement Committee, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Postal Authority, seaports, airports, customs, Ministry of Health, Department of Health, National Health Insurance Company (DAMAN) and all insurance companies, Traffic & Licensing Dept., General Directorate of Police, Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship, Federal Tax Authority, courts of various classes and categories and before all companies, establishments, offices, shops and individuals in United Arab Emirates. The attorney may have the right to file cases before courts of different types and degrees and waive the same. The attorney may be also empowered to file complaints before the police and public prosecution and waive the same and approach the conciliation and settlement committees. He may be also empowered to appoint the laborers, apply for visas, labor cards and residences for them and renew and receive the same, sign their employment contracts and dismiss them. The attorney may have the right to sign tenancy contracts related to the License, attest the same with TAWTHEEQ Section, renew and cancel the same. He may be also empowered to renew the company commercial license and to purchase vehicles and sell and transfer the same. The Attorney may have right to open and close bank accounts, withdraw and deposit.

Legal Translation of power of attorney

If either the principal or the attorney is not an Arab citizen, power of attorney should be drafted in Arabic and English, signed and stamped by a legal translator approved from the Ministry of Justice so that the parties can proceed and sign and notarize the same before the notary public.

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