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A power of attorney is a document whereby a person, whether a natural person (human) or a legal person (a company for example), authorizes another

Driving License Translation Abu Dhabi

1. Driving License Translation Abu Dhabi: How to get a driving license in Abu Dhabi If you have a driving license from any of the

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Index legal translation Abu Dhabi, the leading translation agency, provides legal translation services for all documents required for official use in UAE. In Abu Dhabi,

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Index Legal Translation offers marriage certificate translation for your certificates. We provide certified translation services accepted by the immigration and embassies, you should know that any marriage

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Index Legal Translation provides the best  Arabic translation services in Arabian Gulf Region. Our specialized translators provide professional translation services for all kinds of documents.

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A Memorandum of association is a document required by the official authority when forming a company. The memorandum of association should include the company name,

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What is Notary Public in UAE? Notary Public in Abu Dhabi / Notary Public in Dubai is a person licensed by the Judicial Department to

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Certificate attestation is required in UAE in order to proceed in your transaction. Any certificate issued from outside UAE and required to be officially used

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