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Index legal translation services in Abu Dhabi, the top-notch translation office, provides translation services for all contracts, certificates, and documents required for official use in UAE. In Abu Dhabi, any  document in any language other than Arabic required to be submitted to the Immigration to obtain a visa for wife or children, or to traffic department (For any information about driving license translation abu dhabi, ), Ministry of Labor, Courts or any official department should be translated by a sworn translator.

We provide legal translation services for all contracts including but not limited to employment contracts, maintenance contracts, tenancy contracts, consultancy contracts, sale and purchase contracts, insurance contracts, company articles of association, marriage contracts, partnership contracts, service agent contracts and commercial agency contracts.

We also provide legal translation services for certificates including but not limited to birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, criminal status certificates, experience certificates, To Whom It May Concern certificates etc.

We Translate:

  1. Affidavits (Issued by Embassies or judicial departments).
  2. Powers of attorney (General Powers of Attorney and Special Powers of Attorney with its different purposes).
  3. Memorandums of Association (Required to set up a business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi).
  4. Local Agent Agreements (Required to complete the procedures of setting up a business owned by a foreign resident in UAE).
  5. Driving License (Required to obtain a driving license in Abu Dhabi).
  6. Court documents (Required to be submitted to a court in UAE).
  7. Invoices (Required to be submitted to a court or Arbitration in order to prove any rights).
  8. Checks (Required to be submitted to Police in case of returned checks).
  9. Police Clearance Certificates (Required to be submitted to some embassies).
  10. Salary Certificates (Required to obtain a visa to some countries).
  11. Academic Degrees (Required to be submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education for the equivalency of certificate in the United Arab Emirates).
  12. And More.

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