driving license abu dhabi

If you come to UAE for work or investment, you may need a UAE driving license. Driving license Abu Dhabi, is very important for  expats who intend to stay in Abu Dhabi. To get a UAE driving license, you should know first that driving licenses from  30 countries can be directly converted into a UAE driving license after getting a driving license translation of such driving licenses into Arabic. The thirty countries are:

1- Australia

2- Austria

3- Belgium

4- Canada

5- Denmark

6- Finland

7- France

8- Germany

9- Greece

10- Hong Kong

11- Ireland

12- Italy

13- Japan

14- Luxembourg

15- Netherland

16- New Zealand

17- Norway

18- Poland

19- Romania

20- Serbia

21- Singapore

22- Slovakia

23- South Africa

24- South Korea

25- Spain

26- Sweden

27- Switzerland

28- Turkey

29- United Kingdom

30- United States of America

Driving License Translation


Holders of other driving licenses have to take a driving test or a number of driving classes.

The documents required to apply for a driving license are:

1- Passport or UAE ID (a copy and original for verification)

2- Residence Visa (should be valid)

3- (2) passport size Photos

4- Eye Test (original)

5- NOC  (No Objection Certificate) from your employer

6- Legal translation of your home driving license into Arabic


Index Legal Translation provides legal translation of all driving licenses. Our translation is recognized and approved by traffic department.

You can send us a copy of your driving license and a copy of your UAE ID or visa via whatsapp No: 0555842144 then you can come and collect your ready translation. Just bring the original for verification.

We can also provide you with a No objection Certificate in Arabic that your employer has to sign and stamp it on its letterhead.

Persons who do not have licenses before have to take the theory lectures and all practical training classes.

Driving license, Abu Dhabi, is very important for any expat who intends to live and stay in UAE.


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