Index legal translation abu dhabi, the leading translation agency, provides legal translation services for all documents required for official use in UAE. In Abu Dhabi, any certificate or document in any language other than Arabic intended to be submitted to the Immigration, Driving School, Ministry of Labor, Courts or any official department should be translated by a legal translator certified by The UAE Ministry of Justice. Index Legal Translation is a certified translation office in Abu Dhabi and our translators are MOJ- certified. In UAE, The translated document shall not be valid for official use unless the translation is performed by a MOJ– certified translator.

Since established in 2003, Index Legal Translation Abu Dhabi, has translated tens of thousands of documents both from and into Arabic. All our translations are highly appreciated by the major companies within UAE and abroad as we maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence.
Index Legal Translation Abu Dhabi is committed to provide the best legal translation services at all times.

Index  provides official translation of all documents, including but not limited to:

  • certified translation of last wills and testaments.
  • certified translation of all powers of attorney (general powers of attorney, special powers of attorney in respect of companies, special powers of attorney in respect of sole proprietorship, special powers of attorney in respect of personal matters, and special powers of attorney in respect of  court litigation). Index legal translation abu dhabi provides sworn translation of all powers of attorney issued from outside United Arab Emirates provided that such powers of attorney bear the stamp of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Any documents issued from outside United Arab Emirates required for official use within UAE should be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country then embassy of United Arab Emirates in the issuing country or the embassy of the issuing country in United Arab Emirates and then the attestation of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • All kinds of certificates.
  • All kinds of contracts and agreements, including but not limited to: sale contracts, local service agent agreements, tenancy contracts, agency agreements, advertising contracts, LLC agreements, employment contracts, etc…

For any clarifications, you can whatsapp index legal translation abu dhabi on 0555842144.

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We undertake to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering top-notch translation services. We are also committed to innovation and creativity within the translation industry. Index strives to establish a strong reputation by providing fast and accurate legal translation services.

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